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i am seeking some advice about running. i weight around 350 lbs and have been watching what i eat and exercising for about 6 months straight. around may of this year a friend and i started running oudoors instead of our regular gym routine. I have started gradually running 1/4 mile and walking 50 ft. we run about 1.5 mile currently 5 days a week. at first it was aweful but over time it became easier and i felt as though i was making some good gains in my ability. however about the past three weeks my breathing is aweful this has caaused me a great set back and i am getting frustrated because i feel like i have lost everything that i have gained. i run about 1/8 mile and feel as winded as i did when i first started. my confidence is at a all time low. what can i do?

any help is appreciated.



I'm not an expert by an means, but I would suggest longer exercises that are easier for you to do. Such as stationary biking, an elliptical, fast-walking, maybe even a row machine.


HEy man,

glad to hear you are trying to lose some weight and get in shape.

First of all, when first training it is important to go for time rather than distance. Go for 30min walk/run cycle. where you run maybe for 2-5 minutes at a time, then walk 5-10min. Over time this will help increase your ability of your legs and your mentality for excercising for long periods of time.

The breathing could be a number of things. Weight loss/gain, allergies, eating habits, etc. You have to remember as you begin to excercise, you will actually gain some weight. This is due to the increase in water intake, and the slight increase in muscle mass you will accumulate. Dont let this discourage you. It is normal. Try taking prevacid, as what you may be experiencing is heart burn or throat narrowing. That will help.

Keep me posted on whats going on and good luck!!