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:( i am 220 pounds 5'11" and 15 years old last time i checked my body fat % it was 25% im guessing im around 21-22 % now and i run my mile in 10min but i dont run a lot so i dont feel so bad about it but im never out of breath im never tired after runing a mile the only thing i feel thats holding me back from a better time are my legs cause every time after running a mile my legs hurt for like 2 weeks and i dont run but i doesn't hurt like a soreness it hurts like pain like bad pain in my knees and shins and if i try to run another mile i cant run any faster cause of the pain not cause im tired and i find it funny that when im running with other students who run just like i do but slower i would pass them and they would be breathing really hard and im breathing a lot better than them and when i mean other students who are slower than me its not cause their bigger than me its cause there lazy and wimpy and the reason i being held back is cause of the pain. the pain 1-10 i can give it a 4 or 3 but just the consistency of it kills me. i wanna lose weight as painlessly as i can and i wanna run at my full potential and probably drop my time by 30 sec to 1min can some one plz help me


It sounds like you have a textbook case of shin splints. You can try running on softer surfaces like grass, or try a new pair of cushioned running shoes to stop the pain but if that doesn't work then you will need to go the expensive route and get some custom insoles made for your running shoes.

Hope that helps