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My wife is currently recovering from lobectomy procedure that was done to remove 3 cm large tumor. The biopsy showed that the tumor was cancerous, and we have to wait until she recovers from the surgery before we get to the oncologist. The problem she is experiencing for the last two weeks (surgery was 6 weeks ago) are strange crackling-like noises. Even I can hear them, they sound like digestion, but bit different. What worries me is that this might be the sign of fluid leaking into her lung. The next follow up x-ray is scheduled in 2 weeks, and besides these sounds she doesn’t have fever or much more pain than is expected, and in the meantime, I’m getting more and more worried the more I look for the causes. So, if anyone can help, are these crackling sounds one of the symptoms of fluid in chest or lungs?


Hello, Guest.  I hope your wife is doing ok after having a lobectomy.  Is she having trouble with breathing moreso since the crackling noises began?  Do they sound "wet" like bubbling?  I would have her checked out earlier if she is having discomfort with it, starts running a fever, and has more difficulty breathing.  It wouldn't hurt to contact the doctor's office and report the finding to the nurse. If they think you need to be seen, they will let you know.  Good luck to you and your wife.

Has anybody had crackles after a lobectomy and if so, what did your doctor say was causing it?