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Technology has entered many pores of our lives, the newest area being clothing.

A new bikini has been designed with a built-in alarm to warn wearers when it's time to get out of the sun when the deadly UV rays become too strong.

Decorative beads that bring together two pieces of bikinis change their color depending on the intensity of UV radiation.

There is also an accompanying tag showing a color-coded chart, which explains the various UV levels and their safety range but also advises the wearer which sun cream factor they should be putting on at different stages.
White or light purple beads indicate that the UV rays levels are not harmful but go dark purple as the rays start reaching cancer-causing levels.

The beads change the color even on cloudy days when people do not pay too much attention to the sun's danger.

Made by Canadian company Solestrom, The SmartSwim UV Intensity Bikini is available in sizes from 0-18 and A-DD cups.

The company's spokesman said that they had realized that people are becoming more conscious of the harmful effects of the UV rays but were not aware that the demand for the bikini would be this high.


That's a great idea. I wonder if people would eventually get distracted and stop paying attention to the color of the beads.