One month ago i broke my kneecap running up some stairs. X-Rays show an open crack on the apex of the patella, its slightly displaced. Had more x-rays the folowing week and doctor sais conventional treatment is possible. Now i'm one month in an immobalizer (Don Joy). Straigt leg raise (extension) and slight bending is only possible with severe pain and effort, still after one I'm trying it only a little.

I'd like to have more opinions on if conservative management (no surgery) is/was the right decision in my case. Also, is there a big difference to go for surgery right away or only a month or so later (after failed conservative treatment). I have created a webalbum with the x rays of the first day, first week and after 2 weeks that you can have a look at.

also: 1. is it possible that this kind of displacement is because of bipartite patella? 2. Is there anything else i can do that helps the healing, apart from keeping calm? Can MRI or something else be beneficial in order to spot arthritis, the tendons could be injured etc..? thanks a lot for your answers, i very much appreciate them as i really want to take the right steps now to prevent problems in future. ps. sorry for my spelling and language mistakes.