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Hi all!

I've been reading some posts and I am a bit confused about what actually classifies your injury as being lisfranc?

I saw and ortho, he did a ct (regular x-rays only picked up a 4 metatarsal fracture) and it showed 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals fractured, along with 2 cuneiforms.

I was just wondering when surgery is required? Any thoughts? I see the surgeon tomorrow.


I am not a doctor or surgeon, but my understanding is that surgery is indicated when you have sufficiently torn the ligaments in your foot to need help in stablizing it to allow healing. I had one doctor who never told me that I had this type of injury -- only told me in layman's terms that my foot was broken and I had torn ligaments and I'd be well in about six weeks -- but never mentioned the severity of the injury. My second opinion immediately said I would probably need surgery, called my injury by name before seeing x-rays and then confirmed it with both x-rays and a CT scan. We tried conservative measures first, mainly because he saw me after 4 mos. of my seeing the other doctor. When I did have surgery I had to limit my activity all summer. Not everyone is advised to stay down that long, but I also haven't heard how they did with their recovery returning to normal activities within a week or so of their surgery. Your surgeon should tell you if you have sustained a lisfranc's fracture. Insist on his showing you the CT scan and x-rays and explaining them to you. A lot of doctors totally miss the diagnosis because they have never seen it, so ask. If you have any questions, ask, and if you're not satisfied, seek a second opinion. If possible, take a relative or friend with you to be a second set of ears and to help you remember everything that is said. Let us know what you find out. Hope everything goes well.