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Hi everyone.

I will try to be brief with me history. In 2001 I had a surgery on my elbow and had to undergo general anestesia for the procedure. Upon waking I had problems with my right ear that was dx'd as endolympatic hydrops. (inner ear problem creating pressure, hyperacousis, tinnitus, high freq hearing loss).
Those major symptoms (Pressure, hyperacousis) went away and I really wasn't bothered until recently when something triggered a problem with my ear.

I started to notice during my stretching routine that I was getting a popping in my ears, sounded like water rolling around. It got a little better, then worse again.
I noticed that blood pressure and altitude changes create the "rolling of water" sound, and magnify the ear pressure. Even tilting my head does.
This has all been progressing over the period of a month.

I also noticed that my eyes were stingy and kind of watery.

I assumed that maybe allergies somehow were the cause and started taking allergy medicine and an oral decongestant. I've been on the decongestant for around 36 hours but it hasn't helped.

Even though I have a history I do not think this is the same problem just getting worse. I went to a pcp and he said my ear drum is bulging indicating that there is some fluid in the middle ear. The outer is is fine.

I do have an appointment with my ENT for this monday, but am worried about this.

Anyone have any ideas what could be going on, potential remedies, or otherwise? this is terrible. :-(

Any help is appreciated it.


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As it turns out, the ENT noticed a piece of wax sitting against my ear drum. He tried to suction it but no go, then he had to pull it off with one of those tools. As soon as it came off I was perfectly fine. No rolling of water sensation at all.

My hearing is the same even though I have endolymphatic hydrops. It has been the same for 4 years and I do not stick with the hydrops diet.

I Hope this post gives someone hope.


About two hours ago, intense pressure in ear, crackling, fluid drainage and still going on. Had an ear infection two years ago and my ear has been congested since that time despite ear drum lanced. doctor continues to say there is no fluid build up. Recently developed tinnitis and experiencing hearing loss. Sinuses plugged and nose runs incessantly.