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Hi. So i have an irregular period. sometimes i start right by my typical time or ill start a week later maybe a week in a half at most. Anyways my last actual period was around 2/14/2013 and now it is 4/8/2013. Earlier this month though 4/3/2013, i had brown spotting. it lasted a 3 to 4 days. it wasnt constant though, as in it wasnt a regular period flow. all i had to do was wear a panty linear and it was enough. Anyways I am not sure if that was my period or not. ive had brown discharge before but it was after i had a period already, it wasnt replacing a period. so im worried that i am pregnant. i feel a little crampy but not my usual period cramps. i have felt some dizziness and nausea. the nausea went away though and i think i could have gotten it from starting to drink coffee. anyways me and my boyfriend i believe did it twice the ending of february beginning of march with no protection but he did not cum in me. of course there was probably pre cum and i know that is a possibility of pregnancy but i am very confused on whats happening. im thinking maybe because i started excerising more regulary compred to before might have to do with it but im not sure! i also took two at home pregnancy tests in which both came out negative. i did not take them early in the morning though but rather at night. please let me know if you have any ideas!


Hi, was just curious to how your situation ended up? I'm sort of in the same boat.  My last period ended on March 11th, and I was supposed to get my next period April 5th.  My period has been very irregular the past few months. I still have yet to get my period.  A few days after my period was supposed to come, I started having occasional light cramps and had a brown discharge in my underwear as well.  They continued for almost a week and a half.  The brown discharge went away a few days ago, but the cramping is still on going.  I took two Pregnancy tests and they both said that I wasn't pregnant. I have been feeling a little tired, but other than that I have no other symptoms.  Did you end up going to a doctor or eventually getting your period?