I'm 13. 14 in around 5 months. I still haven't gotten my period yet and am around 4'9". I've been having what I think is brown discharge for around 3 days (Sunday morning to what is now Wednesday night). I can't tell my mom because she doesn't live with us and I only have an older sister who is 19. I don't think she really knows anything about this. I'm really scared that something is seriously wrong with me and don't want to tell anyone because I'm too scared. Does anyone know if this is an infection or signs of my first period. It is a darkish brown when it is condensed and lighter when there isn't much of it. I sometimes get large clumps that are really dark brown almost black. It also doesn't have any tint of red throughout it at all. It has a tiny sour smell but not really. I don't think I've been getting cramps, I have a fair amount of pubic hair and don't have any armpit hair yet. I also haven't had sex so I'm pretty sure I don't have an std. Also it looks a bit like the color of poop but I know it's coming from my vag. When I pee nothing comes either so I don't think it's my first period. Please help!