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I have a bump in between my buttocks at the top close to where my tailbone is.  It has been there for about a year.  I've been to the doctor 6 times and I can't seem to get a straight answer.  It goes away in the afternoon and seems to come back more rounded in the morning although it never fully goes away.  There is no drainage and the doctors have said it is not a cyst as they did not see a nasal canal.  It is not painful and I feel fine with no fever or anything like that.  I had a ultrasound done on the bump and the doctor said they could remove it but to just wait.  I have not had any injuries in this area although it does seem to increase in side after riding my bike.  Any idea on what this could be or something I should worry about like a malignant tumor?  No doctor has performed a biopsy, which I find strange, any ideas?


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Hello jedmonds83.


A friend of mine had similar problem with bump between his but cheeks. It was manifested after every training. So, after he visited doctor, the diagnose were that it`s hemorrhoids. Maybe it is not in your case, but if it is, try to wash your lower back every day and get some hand cream for skin. Consult dermatologist which one is the best. Looking forward to hear is it been helpful for you too.