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Having recetly moved to a much warmer climate last year, i found i was sweating alot in between my legs and it would make it very tender and sore. Nothing much else occured last summer and nothing at all in the winter. This summer I have had the same symtoms, but within the past couple days have devolped a small bump that is sore and inflamed, but not opened or too itchy. I tried to squeeze a little but its just hard and no opening for anything to come out, and i don want to puncture or pierce it.

I figure its more then likely a result of sweat and maybe inflamation from dust or other such thing, but figured Id see if anyone has seem or had similar thing. Its roughly the size of a pea or slightly larger and directly inbetween my inner thigh and edge of scrotom area, not actually on either one.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Yes, it could be a pimple or an ingrown hair. The area is always sweaty and moist and your hairs could have ingrown from rubbing and sweating.
I myself often develop pimples in the area. Sometimes a lot of sebum accumulates down under that it turns into a cysts under the skin. It feels hard and it doesn’t look like a pimple at all, it looks like a bump under the skin. One day it started groining and forming an egg-shape.
I went to a doctor and she prescribed me oral antibiotics and an antibiotic ointment. The “thing” was gone in 7 days.
If there is not white stuff visible, you may put some warm clot on the area and keep it there and try to bring the white stuff to the surface from where it will drain. Applying topical antibiotics after drainage is a smart thing to do.
If it looks difficult, pay a visit to a GP or a dermatologist to get this sorted out.