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Hi, I am a 17 year old male and i have been experiencing this weird problem for about 6-8 months now. I am very sexually active, and have been very unsafe, so i got STD tested a few weeks ago, but everything came back negative. (what a relief) These bumps don't really go away, and they seem to be spreading like wildfire they started on the pubic area region right above my penis, and spread onto the shaft of my penis, and they just seem to be working there way all around it. They are not pimple like bumps, they are just little bumps, that are squishy, and red. occasionally one will pop from me itching, (there is little or no itching from them) I also have had a spot underbelly of my penis that opens up like a cut everytime i drink beer, can anyone tell me what this is, and it seems if i put hydrocortisone on the cut thingy it goes away but comes right back after i drink. As for the bumps i tested negative for genital herpes so IDK what this is, can someone please help me!


Well I'm a girl so might not take advise

from girls but I know that sometimes

when a male or female gets bumps like

that on there private area it's because

they do not keep it clean. If your are very

active and sweat alot, the sweat can get into your

poors and make bumps come up and it will spread.

I have know clue what the cut thing is about though,

I hope I helped you. Good luck.