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Okay so heres my story, I'm freaking out over these small somewhat hard but not really jumbled together (about 4 or 5) flesh colored bumps on the bottom of my penis shaft. I haven't had sex in over 2 months and it was protected, before that I had unprotected sex with a girl who has recently gotten tested for HIV and HPV and she is clean as can be.
The area they showed up in is where some hair grows, and I had shaved it with a razor WITHOUT shaving cream, dumb I know. They appeared and about a little over a week they were still there so I decided to scrape them off with my razor, dumb again. A month later i tried scraping them with my fingernail and they just bled. Its been 2 months and they are still there.

What could they be? They don't look like warts (no cauliflower look, aren't big and bulky) and they don't look like herpes because there is no red rash around them. They are painless and not itchy at all, they're just there. I've used bactiriacin on them and it didn't seem to help although they do seem smaller. I'm freaking out, I just want them gone. I have also heard that obsessing over something can make them stay there for longer, which i have been obsessing over them (I suffer from anxiety) Also, hair follicles... can they take longer than 2 months to recover? I thought thats what they were too but hair follicles normally heal quickly and look like pimply white heads.

Any opinions?


Hi Draydog,

They might be sebaceous cysts or oil glands. They are common and not an STD. It could even be an ingrown hair.

Obsessing won't make it take longer to heal, it'll just seem like it.

Leave them alone, no more shaving for a while.

Hope it helps.