Ok, i'm 19 and just became sexually active in December 2012. I've had sex with other guys but they have all been with protection. I have been having a burning sensation in my neck that at times feels like icy hot and kind of moves on into my chest area.  i also have tingling sensations in other parts of my body as well. the burning in my neck started off as a once in a while thing but recently it has been very prominent. it's not really painful but more so annoying. i thought it may have been an std but i was tested for std's in December and the results where all negative. Granted i have been having sex since then and have not been tested recently, but if it was an std i think it would have showed up back then. No other std i have read about matches up with this, and it's been going on for about 5 months. No rash, no headaches or cough/sore throat, and i have not been experiencing any stress. everything seems normal but these weird sensations. Anyone have any clue what this may be???