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I have been to the doctor and the only test that came back positive is that I have the human papanoma virus(genital warts). I have burning,itching and spots and I just want to know what I have and if it could be the HPV causing this?


I'm no expert, but it is likely.

Try some of the Internet sites for STDs and check with Google Images for genital warts. It is unfortunately hard to get rid of, but is most likely the cause of the itchy lumps yes. Also notify any sexual partners who have been in contact with you in probably the last 2-3 months (unless you've had them longer).

Ensure you wash and dry yourself, particularly down there, with a towel that noone else will use (warts are catching) and don't touch eyes or such without washing hands as, as far as I'm aware, they can be spread to other parts of the body the same as normal warts.

EDIT: Here's a useful site:

Be aware, some of the images on Google are very graphic in nature and should you feel offended or upset at looking at genitalia, you should think before clicking.

You may also have warts in the mouth if you've had oral sex with someone who has the virus or has touched the warts and then their mouths.