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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a about a year now.
we lost our virginity too each other. we have not seen other people
and have never been in a sexual relationship with anyone else.
After un-protected sex but i am on birth control and he pulled out before he ejaculated,After, felt a burning sensation only at the very tip of his penis. and it was a little red. I had also given him oral sex before.
Did the bacteria in my mouth go into his urinary tract?
Could this be the cause ?
and what should we do ?


Hi there,

I am not sure how much is this possible but I think that there are small chances that this can happen. However I don’t think that this is caused by a bacteria but it just might be caused by irritation. Maybe the irritation has been caused by sexual intercourse. I know sometimes it can happen that there is no enough precum and your vagina might be irritated. You can try to use lubrication to avoid these irritations. If this condition last for long period of time you should see a doctor. This could be some sort of an infection and in many cases you can treat this with antibiotics or some topical cream. I hope this helped you a bit.