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I am currently 17 years old and I started masturbating in the "prone position" (lying face down, rubbing penis against rough surfaces like couch fabric, bed fabric, etc) 4 years ago (in August of 2006) when I was 13 years old. I've been doing it daily ever since.

But over time, I noticed that I developed a sort of friction burn both on the shaft of my penis and on the foreskin (I'm not circumcised). It is light red, and it runs the entire length of the shaft from where the head of the penis begins (on the foreskin) to where the scrotum begins. It starts off very thin on the foreskin (with a width of about 0.5 cm, or 5 mm), and gets wider as it nears the scrotum. It reaches its maximum width near the scrotum (where it is about 2.4 cm, or 24 mm wide).

I know this CAN'T be an infection for the following reasons:
- It doesn't hurt to urinate.
- It doesn't hurt to retract the foreskin.
- The affected area does not hurt and does not itch.

I've been to many doctors over the past 4 years and they've all said that it's nothing serious, and they've all prescribed the same things to me (either Vaseline or hydrocortisone cream). But obviously neither of these things have worked beacuse the friction burn has NEVER healed.

Even though the friction burn doesn't cause me any physical discomfort whatsoever, it is really BOTHERING ME MENTALLY. I mean, it's been FOUR years and it hasn't gone away. So I'd like you guys to tell me if you think this is PERMANENT SKIN DAMAGE (from excessive "prone" masturbation), or if you think there is still a chance that this could be healed.

Are there any other STRONG products that I can use for this friction burn to completely heal once and for all?


If the skin is red, it means it is irritated, not necessarily burnt. Is there evidence of scarring?

Did the creams help at all?

Did you try to stop masturbating for any length of time? Did it help?

Could it be caused by something else? Could your penis be chafing on your underwear or something?

Have you seen a dermatologist?


Hi Freedy32:

The best lubrication for masturbation is the human foreskin. The foreskin is secured only at each extremity and is not attached to the underlying shaft of the penis. It is internally lubrication with lymphatic fluid and glides up and down the shaft of the penis without friction. The foreskin is filled with pleasure nerves that are stimulated by motion. This makes it ideal for masturbation.

Circumcision deforeskins the penis, shortens the available skin and makes it taut and immovable. Nineteenth Century doctors thought that would make masturbation impossible. It did not make impossible but it made it harder to do and less fun.

If you don’t have a foreskin, then you will need external lubrication. You will need to learn to slide your hand up and down the shaft. Some males use a personal lubricant, which is designed to provide lubricant for sexual intercourse. Others may use Vaseline (which is greasy), baby oil, vegetable oil, or saliva. Some foreskinned males also like to use lubrication, although it is not strictly necessary.

Products with harsh and irritating chemicals should be avoided.

Unforeskinned males who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to suffer friction irritation and pain.

I am surprised that you have friction irritation since you are foreskinned.


Try medicated blistex lip balm for fast results I figured the skin on ur lips and on ur penis must be the same and tried it now I know it worx put rub stick on penis every 2 hrs and u shall see