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Hello. I am a 29 year old male. 2 days ago, on Dec. 1, 2007 I noticed some irritation at the opening of my penis.
The irritation would happen when the tip would rub up againt my boxers.
Upon further inspection, I opened the opening of my penis and notice it was red/irritated on the one side of the opening of my penis.
I did touch the red area and it did trigger the same irritation sensation i got when rubbing against my boxers.
It really didnt hurt, its more or less irritation. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the irritation at like a 2 or 3. But on a few occasions, it felt like a 5 or 6 - when boxers rub on it just right.

I have no pain while urinating or ejactulating. No itchyness or burning at all.

3 weeks ago on November 16th, 2007...I did recieve unprotected oral sex from a female stripper for less than 30 seconds.
I made her stop. I did not ejactulate in her mouth, but she did finish me maually, using her spit as lubrication.
I cleaned up using a papertowel from the restroom.
When I returned home, I did wash my penis with soap.

I have had no sexual contact with anyone other than daily masturbation since the incident. Also, no prior sexual encounters in the past 6 months.

2 days have passed since I noticed the redness, and most of the irritaion has gone away.

I also noticed that my penis feels "colder" than usual. (again, could all be anxiety)

1) do you think I have an STD?
2) Since the irritation has subsided, should i just leave it alone??
3) is this just normal irritation/anxeity??
4) would you recommend I need STD testing?


Well, since this is abnormal for you, it would be wise to see a doctor and get tested for an STD. There's a link between the amount of time you received oral sex and the time you started to get an irritated penis. It would especially be wise to be tested if this sort of this has never happened to you before. Besides, when you see a doctor, only he/she can truly tell you what's medically wrong with you.


well, my thought process....

1) 30 seconds is minimal exposure (even though it IS exposure)
2) no partners prior in 6 months all previous partners were protected
3) redness/irritation is now gone
4) daily masturbation may contribute.
5) no burning/irritation/itchiness while urinating or ejaculation.

Anyway, got tested yesterday, awaiting results anxiously.

Would you agree my risk for getting something from this 30 sec. incident is low?