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Does anyone know what this could be. Have had it for about 7/8 months. Have had a chest x-ray and waiting to go to COPD clinic. Am on Tramadol-they just help me sleep?


Hello Pam,

The burning, stabbing and soreness can be due to nerves being pinched coming off the spine.  You may have twisted yourself or picked something up or rolled over in bed and caused some form of misalignment and that wouldn't show up on an X-ray as that is soft tissue.  If you have inflammation in that area it could show on an X-ray because the area if filled with white blood cells and you would see a whitsh area where the white blood cells are located.  Okay, to ease your soreness and pain try soaking in the tub or take a long shower and let warm water run down your back.  If you can a tub bathe put some oatmeal or epsom salts in the water.  This will relax your muscles and remove tension taking away some of the pain.  If you do this for several days to a week your pain should go away.  Try not to pick up anything or move your shoulders from left to right etc because they will pull those muscles and nerve fibers and do more damage.