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I banged my toe on Halloween and it's almost the end of Jan and my whole toe nail bed is affected it is still a bit tender and I didn't get it drained thinking it was gonna heal on it's own, my nail is still black and looks like it's 3D like, what do I do is it ever gonna look normal again? Should I see the Dr ? I'm so confused !


Hello JacBow,

You may have broken your toe in which case you should of had an X-ray done.  If the toe had a clean break you shouldn't have a problem but if it had tiny fractures it could get infected.  I would suggest you soak your foot in some Epsom salts or oatmeal several times a day to clean up the toe and remove and inflammation that is present.  If this doesn't work, consider going to the doctor as soon as possible and get an X-ray done. You might try wrapping it somewhat to provide support while it is trying to heal.