I have had a long history of kidney stones and kidney related problems since age 12 (I am now 21) I have passed around 18 kidney stones so I now know what the deal is when I have one. I have been checked for infection, kidney stones, lodged bowl, everything that could possibly cause this type of pain for extended periods of time. Nothing has shown up. I would like to know if anyone has had something like this and has had an answer. I also have blood in my urine but no white blood cells only red. No protein either. So this is not a stone or my IGA Nethropathy coming back. I was told that getting a scope stuck up there would probably show me what was wrong but I no longer have health insurance to go and get this done. Is it possible that my stones have caused scaring or something unable to be detected by CT and X-ray is lodged there? I have had many scans and tests and have all turned up negative. Anyone have advice?