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what helps with body pain and not sleeping. I canot sleep all day because i have a 3 year old, so thats not an option. please help me im so desperate. I cant stop crying from this pain its excrutating!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!


Hi Lynnette, does wd mean weaned? did a doctor wean you off of it? or were you taking it recreationally and then run out? If a doctor weaned you off and your having this much pain you should probably go back to him/her and tell them that they need to wean you off more slowly. As for the pain, have you ever heard of Epsom Salts, it is really inexspensive and you can find it at most grocery stores or Walmart, it comes in boxes or bags, try running a very warm bath with the salts in it and soaking in the tub until the water cools. The Epsom salts ease muscle aches really well. If you do this an hour or so before you go to bed at night it might also relax you enough to maybe get some sleep. I hope this helps.