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I have had a sinus infection for the past 5 days and am having some trouble. I have finished my Z-Pak antibiotic and some of my symptoms have gone away. However, my sinuses are still very clogged behind my eyes and especially in my ears. My ears feel very clogged with fluids and it is very hard to hear. I have been drinking a lot of fluids, I have been using a humidifier, warm compresses, and have been taking Mucinex D. However, the pressure in my sinuses is not going away and is starting to give me bad headaches behind my eyes and around my cheek bones. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of all this pressure? Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!


Unfortunately you have been given the best therapy for your condition and this pressure is something you will have to deal with. You can try to take some painkillers to relieve this painful pressure but don’t overreact and don’t make it a habit especially if you are suffering from chronic sinusitis.

But if you see that your condition isn’t better in a few days visit your doctor again. I presume that you have been at the ENT doctor and that he was the one who prescribed you the therapy. Explain to him that you need some other therapy since this is not working for all your symptoms.

Hopefully you will resolve your problem very soon. Good luck and keep us posted.