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Hello there,

I finally made one step – I bought 72 hour diet pills. I am planning to use them, and I will see are they so effective like I think they are, like they say this to me.

So, after I bought them, I started to read more and more about them. I found a lot of brochures and literature.

But, I was somehow scared or worried when I saw that there is nothing about side – effects. I mean, is it even possible that those pills doesn’t have any side effects?

Can 72 hour diet pill cause bad side – effects for your health?

Please, let me know what you think. Regards! 


Good day all,

so I believe that you don’t have any reason to be worried. It seems that none o the ingredients in the isolation are unlikely to cause any side – effects. It is true, taking 72 hour diet pills may cause some increased trips to the toilet, but that is all.

So far I think that those diet pills are the safest on the market at the moment. I am not so sure why, but side –effects are really, really small.

I believe that you can forget about them totally :D

I hope that you can find my answer helpful.

Have a nice day! 



Good day,

You really don’t have to be worried about this :) I don’t have so much experience with it, but my aunt Lilly was using those pills for a few years. All the time :)

She never felt anything, she never had any single side – effect. No nausea, no dizziness, no diarrhea…Nothing :)

I want to say that I also do believe that those are the best diet pills that you can use at the moment. I am not using those pills, because I still have some other to finish, but I think that I will use it someday – very soon, I hope.