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Hello there,

So I was reading all your posts about 7 – DFBX fat burner, and OK, I got it – it is unique, powerful and strong. But still, I am a little bit worried because when I started to talk about this one, I have heard a lot of different opinions. Somehow, I pay attention on those who are not that good :/

I have heard that this is just strong campaign and that this fat burner is not that good at all. I have heard that it is just a scam.

Do you believe that 7 –DFBX fat burner is just a scam?

I have one bottle, like I said before, but I don’t want to use it if I am going to waste my time :/


Hey there,

I understand why you are worried. That is totally ok. All that I can say is that 7 – DFBX fat burner is not a scam. But, there is always a but :) This one seems to be the same as the original 7 – Day Fat burner supplement. So basically, it is not stronger. Main difference is that you take twice as many capsules in seven – day time, with water and healthy eating plan, of course. You should exercise, as well. It is not a scam, that is something that I can tell you for sure.

Don’t worry, you won’t be sorry!