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Good day guys,

I am planning to start using 7 – DFBX weight loss supplement very, very soon. In the November, I think! I know a lot about it, tnx to this diet, but I don’t know how fast actually can you lose weight with 7 – DFBX weight loss supplement?I know that sometimes that is not so easy to say or to predict, but I really do think that someone in here can tell me something about it.

If you have any experience, if you have any information, please, let me know so I can know what can expect :)

Tnx a lot! 


Hi girl,
I am currently using those weight loss pills or weight loss supplement, call it whatever you want. I just can’t describe you how happy I am with it, how they are amazing, and I am a living proof that those really work! I was skeptical at the beginning, but I am not anymore.
No one can tell you how much weight can you lose, but I will tell you my experience :)
I lost 13 pounds in two months, and counting!
Impressive result, I am happy for the first time!
My advice is go for it and expect to lose your pounds quick!


You can try "Liv Slim / Slimfast"  capsules, these capsules are very effective and lose your weight within 1 one month no need to take any type of supplement.



Hey there,
I am not sure do I know about those capsules. To be honest, I have never heard about it. Actually, I did, but only once, when my sister told me that I don’t want to use them because they are not perfectly safe.
I was wondering, why are you telling me about those capsules? Do you have any information, any response, are they better or worse than 7 – DFBX weight loss supplement?
I am not sure, but I believe in 7 – DFBX capsules, and I really hope that they will help me once when I try to use them.
Thank you!