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Hi everyone,

I am using OxyElite Pro diet pills. I didn’t bought them online or in the pharmacy. I bought them from some guy, because he was selling them for a very good price, he had some stashes, and I got three packages for a very good price. I looked at the date, and I can use them until 2017.

I was reading something about this, and some of my friends told me that those pills are not safe – at all. I mean, I didn’t have any side – effects. But, my brother told me that those pills can cause hepatitis.

Well, I am terrified, because I am using those pills for a while now.

Help me please, I am desperate! 


God, I have to say that you are really silly! You can’t play with that, you just can’t buy diet pills from “some guy”. That is insane! You should quit using them right now.

Yes, it is true. That is why those pills are pulled from the market. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, and it can be caused by viral diseases or medications, that can damage your liver. The symptoms are fever, appetite loss, nausea, jaundice, abdominal pain, etc, etc .

You just can’t play with your health. It is dangerous to buy something from people that you don’t know. Think about it! 



Unfortunately, I have found out this as well. I was really sure that those pills can be really good and effective, but I’ve made a mistake. I am so sorry because those pills are not that good as they were saying. Yes, they can cause hepatitis and that is just one more reason why you should stay away from them – I mean, why we all should stay away from those diet pills.

They are pulled from the market, and I mean, that is totally enough why you should avoid them. I mean, I believe that you can’t buy them on the market, bust sill…

Have a nice day!