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Hello everyone,

As I already told you, I have problem with my little sister. She is a little bit overweight, and she wants to use some diet pills to lose her weight. I am against this, and I was talking to my friend, Evelina. She told me that I should buy her Kinoki detox food pads for weight loss. I am not sure, I am a little bit skeptical about it, but I was wondering is there any possibility that she can lose her pounds at this way?

I think that this one could be healthier than any diet pills, but I don’t know how much helpful can it be?

Please, help me with some information. 


Good day all,
Yes, I understand. She is young, she probably wants to use diet pills for the first time, and you can’t just stop her at this. But, let me tell you, Kinoki detox food pads are not a solution as well. Better go and consult some doctor with her about some diet pills. In the market, they say that this is a pure scam. I was using them and I still can’t understand how those diet pills can help you lose your weight. I am not saying that they don’t have any positive side, but I didn’t saw them, to be honest.
I am still skeptical and I believe that you can’t lose your weight.


I don’t know why, but I love to wear Kinoki detox food pads. I know that they remove all tocsins from your body, and I felt it. Mine were totally black, and I know that this is true. Now, about weight loss, I am not so sure, because while I was wearing them I didn’t see some progress that I should mention. I am not sure even how those work for weight loss.

So, I really can’t help you, as I were saying, they are good for detox but for weight loss, you should try some other thing.

Have a nice day!