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I had a knee ligament surgery and I am feeling well, but I would like to speed up my post-op recovery. I am a professional footballer and I must get back into the game. Can chiropractic help me with this? I would really appreciate if you could tell me something from your own experience.


Everyone will progress at a different rate. A chiropractor will know your abilities and advise you accordingly. It may take from five days to three months, but ultimately you have to gain back your range of motion before asking your body to squat heavy or run a marathon. You can follow these tips for a a speedy recovery:
1. 1-10 days crutches is completely common
2. Passive range of motion should be initiated immediately after surgery
3. Begin weight bearing as tolerated
4. Obtaining knee extension should be a priority
5. Mobility of your ankles,hips,pelvis and lumbar spine should be maintained


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