Truth Please. I was circumcised when I was about three years old as I was in agony being unable to pee as the tip of my foreskin would not fully retract. Can circumcision from child hood prevent an erection or at least a decent one. I have NEVER had a spontaneous erection. I have to start touching or kissing a girl before it happens. Seeing shapely or even naked women or even them touching me down there never bring on an erection which is so embarrassing. I personally have to work at it, mainly by touching the girl, especially orally. That is the only time when I get an erection and even then it can quickly go flaccid unless I keep up with the touching or penetration and even then it isn't the hardest erection. My penis is of average length, say 5 - 6 inches in length. The shaft though is not very wide compared with other lads I have seen in the gym changing rooms however, the top of my penis is quite noticeably big with a very wide girth when erect. I do have four children but also two long standing failed marriages :-( I often think that this could be a major factor of those failed marriages and that really hurts me as there was no bad stuff going on from either side of our relationships. The way I describe my size could it be that as the end of my penis is very large but the shaft being very narrow. Could it be a limited blood flow stopping the shaft from swelling ? I am now late fifties but this has happened every single time since I was 17 with NO exception. I have overheard that a circumcision can reduce the sensation in the vital part of your penis as its removal has led it to become desensitized through it constantly being in touch with your clothing etc. Some mums I know have there children circumcised for various reasons but I made sure my three lads stayed whole and they have never had a problem. Obviously I would have had it performed if a medical issue like mine was. I am sure there must be another way though for surgeons not cut the whole of the foreskin off, maybe jut a smaller ring around the tip. I am sure there are a few readers who may have had a good laugh at this but believe me I bet there are quite a few who like me suffer in silence and believe me you do suffer. When single or between marriages I see a pretty lady and we start to get on but then I think what will she think when she sees or feels my problem after being with other normal men, so I back off. I have never felt a complete man even with my children. Yes before you ask, I have tried Viagra but it makes just a very small difference to the strength of my erection and even with Viagra it won't help unless I do it myself if you get my drift. I am hoping I can get a reply from a Doctor not a G.P. but a specialist who can give a definitive yes or no to whether circumcisions can reduce erections. Why do surgeons have to remove so much of the foreskin why not just cut back and leave some that can keep you from becoming desensitized. You may be thinking what I have thought so many times before. What about Jewish babies! So all Jewish men must have good solid erections or do they ? I cannot just go and ask one can I. Perhaps their erections are ALL as mine are so they and their women think it is quite normal and don't question it. All because of CIRCUMCISION. Please give me the answer I need or is it that I'm just from a dodgy batch, or did the surgeon do something wrong down there. One last thing I don't think it to be psychological as I have always enjoyed sex and I don't hesitate to initiate it in a relationship. Lights on off, no problem and I am as adventurous as they want me to be. I must end by saying when I first noticed this as a problem when I was about 17 I did book a doctors appointment. He made light of it saying I was just nervous and gave me a bottle of low dose Valium which did nothing at all to help. Plus I was not nervous I was dying to get things going with this stunning girl but sadly it kept happening and always has done. Thanks for listening. James.