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I am 15 years old male, and I recently got checkuped from doctor. For mild testis pain and UTI.

He Said That I Got Epididymo-orchits , I am little worried now! And he said that I am to small to get such infection. Both In case Epididymitis and Orchits.

But When I examined myself I found that I don't have that swelling and inflammation of one testicle. I found that one of my testicle (left one) is just little big due to little mild inflammation!

Is Doctor, Wrong. in this case. I mean in guessing and examination, I have mild testis pain (no swelling) no inflammation I guess of left testicle (just little) , and yes recent uti even now (improving).

Do This Infection Affect Sperm & Hormones Productio???

Please Do Answer My Query, I Really Need Urgent Help !!!

God Bless You, :)

Have A Nice Day!




Hi Harry,

Any male can get this infection - ignore your doctors comment.  It can be caused by a UTI or an STD.

Your recent UTI is the likely cause.

It is normal for it to affect just one testicle and epididymis.  It won't affect your sperm or hormone production.

Hope it helps.



How Can I Cure It, Can You Help Me Sir Please! I don't want to suffer any more. As I am getting to distrubtion in my studies. :( And Yes My Sctrom Pain Sometimes Rarely Same For My Another Testicle (Right One), And As Stated Above In Question My sctrom hangs low most of the times.


Harry, antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat the infection. Once the infection is cured it can take some time for your testicle and epididymis to return to "normal."