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I am 23 (M) unmarried.Last month 2nd Jan I felt pain in my right testicle.The pain was mild at that time. but increased next day. So I went to the doctor I had an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis. . I was given by some anti-biotic for 2 weeks. It has been 1 month since taking the medicine, but didn't get relief from the pain. Instead, pain was getting worst.

From past 2 days, my right side of the abdomen also starts to paining and hurting badly, Its kind of like sharp pressure pain. There was a Pinch type pain in abdomen(pelvic area). I can't even able to sit correctly in one position. It is very uncomfortable. it is constant pain in pelvic area. I am unmarried & I haven't done any sexual activities till now. I am very worried about that i could able to be father in future.?

Is the medicine i am taking is correct.?Doctor prescribed medicine :

1) Sultamicillin 750mg(Sulbactum 294mg and Ampicillin 440mg)( 2 dose/day)

2) Trypsin + Bromelain + Rutin Tablet( 3 dose/day)

Am i have correct problem as diagonsised.. ? Or i have different medical problem.After taking medicine there was decreased in size if right testis. Please reply soon before I lose my testicle..


Hi Kunalkas,

The sutamicillin should be helping.  It is an antibiotic.  Usually epididymitis and orchitis are caused by an infection.  

I'm not familiar with the other drugs.  They appear to be for pain and some "herbal" medications, not common in the US.

The antibiotics likely did reduce the swelling (orchitis).  Epididymitis though can take a while to improve.

But, see your doctor/urologist.  You should be getting better - not worse and certainly not having an increase in pain.  If the pain is unbearable then seek emergency medical attention.

Good luck.