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I had bunion surgery this past Wednesday Sept. 20. It's now Sunday night.  I've been really good about being quiet. I've spent about 98% of my time in bed with my foot iced and elevated. On Wednesday I have a yoga/meditation class that I just LOVE and really don't want to miss. Obviously, I'd have to modify my poses quite a bit. But, all in all, I feel as if it wouldn't hinder, and might possibly help my healing process. Any thoughts?


Hello! I'm 39 years old, and it's very difficult for me to do sports. There are often problems with the spine. From acute movements, the back hurts. The heart also often hurts. I was offered to practice yoga. My coach says that yoga can cure many diseases. It stretches muscles well, and the joints work well. I want to do exercises for pregnancy. Some exercises can be done without load. Especially like calm and relaxation. Music also helps me with meditation. It removes stress. I liked these classes. I will always visit them. I really want to give birth to a healthy child. Doctors say that at my age there is a big risk. Of course, you need more food and good mood. At me the girlfriend has given birth in 35 years the girl. A very long time was under the supervision of a doctor. I lay in bed and did not do exercises. The birth was difficult. Now I'm afraid that something will go wrong. I also want to go swimming. Go to the pool and be with the coach. Water calms and strengthens the back and legs. I will try all methods. I do not want to be old and sick. Girls allow us to love ourselves. We will continue to play sports and not be sick. Good luck.