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Well, it's been 2 months since my bunion surgery on June 9th and all is well. I started physical therapy 2 weeks ago and I'm getting more flexibility each day. My big toe is still partially numb. I use the Walking cast for long trips, but go without it for short ones. Even though it was on my right foot, I started driving about a month after the surgery. Now I can do it without any pain. I hope I will get the feeling back in my toe soon. The bottom of my foot is still a bit tender. I start school in a few weeks and I will have to stand up all day. UGH. Hope I make it :-)

Anyone else have stories.


I had bunion surgery on 11/19/2015. My bunion was small to medium sized. The surgery for first days afterwards have been just like I read online and as I read in the doctor's instructions. Tho it was only slightly painful until I took the pain meds. Pain was at a minimum. My recovery has been easy! I have spent the last 6 weeks on the couch with my foot up for most of the time. Doctor gave me the ok to stop wearing the boot over a week ago @ 4 weeks post op. I felt more comfortable in the aircast boot. It was just today, I did go on a short walk with shoes. I walked slowly, it hurt a bit. My next bunion ectomy I will do in 8 months from now.
Choose your surgeon carefully. Have help available so you don't have to get up. Stock the refrigerator, especially with prepared meals. Get a handicapped parking permit. Don't rush recovery. The foot will be swollen (as I read) for months after-respect it and when it hurts STOP and get off your feet.