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I have been using pills for about 4 months now but I keep on forgeting to take them at the same time everyday but I havent missed them completely. I feel as though I am pregnant but I havent stopped taking the pills. I have just done a pregnancy test and the results were negative should I trust them or can the pill have an effect on the results since I didnt stop taking it.

Any advise please


i know what you mean. ive been on the pill for 7 months and i keep forgetting to take them also but i double up on them when im suppose to . earlier this month march 09 i had all the signs of pregnancy so i thought i was pregnant. a week bedore my period i started taking pregnany tests but all came back negative. i started my period a day early which as unusual for me since my bcp made me 28 days exactly. it started light. then the next day it got so heavy and passing clots that i had to use a pad every hour. it lasted about 5 days. but my boobs are still hurting and they never hurt past my period. i still have that dull pain in my side every now and then and i am very tired. my appitite has picked up . ive heard that the pills can have an effect on you when you miss pills. so i dont know im also confused. now last night i had back pain so bad it woke me up out of my sleep i couldnt lay on my sides only my back and when i got up and started walking it was excrutiating pain. it wraped around to my stomach making it hurt and it made it hurt to breathe and my boobs hurt. i dont know it that had something to do with being pregnant or just a muscle spasm. i had to only lay on my back to get it feeling any better now today i can actually sit up without it hurting but when i get up it still hurts. when was your last period?