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I am a 20 year old female. I weigh 103 sometimes 98 never more than 108. I eat a lot. I am very skinny (my sister loves calling me a toothpick). I'm tired of the "you are too skinny" ridicule. I want to gain muscle mass without joining a gym. Can someone please help me or give me some tips? I would like for my calf muscles to be defined, as well as my abs, and my biceps and triceps. I hate running and I'm not an outdoors person. 



Yes , you can definitely gain mass without ever going to the gym, That is what i did. I gained 33 pounds in 3 months time. I was just doing pushups, at home. I mean, i am a guy but you don't have to do all those push ups and stuff.

You just need to monitor your nutrition better and you will gain weight. How often do you eat know? Do you have any bad habits like drinking or smoking?

What exactly do you like to eat?