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Hello people,

Yesterday for the first time in my life I have heard about some Calorad diet program. First, I just couldn’t remember the name of it :) So I wrote it on the paper :)

My boss is on this diet program and she really looks different now :) She was fat, but now she is pretty handsome, I must notice that :)

I would appreciate if you can tell me does colorad really work for the weight loss? Maybe she was doing something else?

I must say that I envy her, because now I really can realize how cool she looks :)

Any information is helpful.

Thank you! 



You wanna be a body builder? :D LOL

My friend Ben is bodybuilder since and I know that he is using Calorad for weight loss and for body muscle. Now, I asked him about it, because I have heard about it and I was curious. Calorad for weight loss comes in liquid form. The main ingredient are proteins, collagen, proline and glycine. Unfortunately, you can’t find the whole list of ingredients.

Calorad aims to improve lean muscle mass – this is number one on the list. Still, if you want to use it, take one single tablespoon of Calorad every day, before your bedtime.

So, if you want to lose your weight, I must suggest you try something else, because the main aim of Calored is to lean muscle mass.



Definitely, this one is an amazing if you want to gain muscle mass. If you don’t want that, then you should find some other. I remember that my brother used this while he was in his teenage ages. He was going in the gym, he wanted to look dangerous and he wanted to have muscle mass :) LOL. I still laugh so hard when I remember that period of his life :)

He was using Calorad, and soon he lost some of weight, but very soon he started getting muscle mass. In one period, he was like a balloon :)

Try something else.

Good luck!