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Hey girls,

I am still not so into weight loss products and weight loss pills. I was always thinking that some extreme ways when we are losing our weight can’t be that good. But, I have to say that lately I don’t believe in this, because I would follow any diet program and I would take any diet pills to lose my pounds – fast!

I am considering about Go Cal 1000 weight loss pills.

Can you tell me more about this, because I don’t know that much about this, but if I should follow their opinions, than I think that those diet pills are good? Do you know how much weight can you lose with Go Cal 1000 weight loss pills? 


Hey there,

I have to say that I had a nightmares while my little sister was using Go Cal 1000 weight loss pills. That was unbelievable for me, because she had some side – effects at the beginning. I was so scared for her. She went to see her doctor, and he told her that this is totally normal :) After 10 days of using those pills, she was OK. I remember that she was using those pills for a three months, than she stopped using them, because she got pregnant. She lost nearly 17 kilograms in those three months. I think that it is worthy.




Good day all,

I have been on Go Cal 1000 weight loss pills..Those pills are herbal, right? Am I talking about right pills? LOL, I can’t remember anymore, because I was using so many diet pills. I like them because they gave me natural energy, and I was taking them in the morning, with a cup of green tea. I’ve tried them and those pills were good, but I had a little bit headaches at the beginning. The main problem why I quit this is because they were pretty much expensive. That is one reason that I didn’t like it. But, I’ve lost my unwanted pounds, 13 in three months I think :)

Good luck!