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I'm a 29 yr old female mother of three! My youngest was born at home in the bathroom.Went to the hosptial they didn't check my cervix to see if dilated .They sent me home about to lay down and ended up thinking i had to piss! Out came my health baby girl who now is six! Being scared i had a tubal ligation belly button incision. I had the ring put on my tubes. Been six years ago now no longer with my kids father and married ! My husband wants a baby! I hear stories that you can have a baby still ? Has Any one given birth to a child that had there tubes tied?



It is unlikely you'll get pregnant without help.

You'll need to talk to a fertility specialist for options but you could have your tubal ligation reversed. The other option would be IVF. An egg would be harvested, fertilized with your husbands sperm, and then implanted into the uterus.

The success rate varies for the reversal depending upon length of time and the technique.

Hope it helps, good luck.