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can i get pregnant without having a period? i had been on the mini-pill for 2 years and then 3 years ago had the inplant inplanon. This was removed in may 2012 and the continued on the pill again until sept 20th 2012. I went back on the pill after the inplant again to cover me fr our holiday abroad so that i would not have a period. During this 5 years i had no period and mt GP reassured me that this was fine. However, my partner and i now want to try for a baby but i am worried as still have had no period and have had no form of contraception for over a month. Can anyone help with ideas of why this is? Thank you


Your body is used to the contraception and it might take some months to get back to normal. Then, it might take even more time for you to get pregnant. You shouldn't worry yet.