2-3 months ago the doctor prescribed me lactulose because I had big problems with constipation, I took 10 days and I had cramps and abdominal pains, flatulence, loose stools and I alternated the lactulose with water but still I had pains , after that time wherever I eat porridge, milkshakes, yoghurt I have cramps and much pains , I found mucus in stools wherever I eat this and fried and fats. I know I might have IBS because I have all the symptoms for that and this starts one months ago, but constipation I have since last year and pains start in december because my stomach was very full and hard. I know since I was child I had problems with constipation and some problems when I drink too much milk and food with lactose. But now it's worse, even if I eat a cup of yogurt I have cramps and tummy pains. Is this because of lactulose?