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After 7 years of chronic stomach problems, ibs, fatigue, headaches and feeling foggy, a doctor suggested I have an intolerence test.
I'm intolerent to:
Wheat (starch)
yeast (bakers)
Green pea
sweet potato
Cows milk
Goats milk
If I'm allergic to the milk can I have any type of cheese??
is there a porridge alternative?
I still feel sick if I have soya and coffee.
And I feel nauseated whenever I eat a boiled egg but it didn't come up in the intolerence test.

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Hi Laura,

I've had IBS for the last two years, and I have a lot of triggers, but you have a lot more. If Gluten is a trigger, it is probably one of your worst. Have they tested you for Celiac disease? It could be that you need a complete gluten-free diet. Most stores now have isles designated to this type of food and there are tons of websites with gluten-free recipes and whatnot. If you are bothered by cow's milk, cheese may not necessarily affect you. I am a little lactose intolerant, but processed cheese does not bother is the fresh cheeses and milk that do.

Anyway, I haven't even had an intolerance test. Kind of sounds like a good idea, however, I don't want a list of foods that I can't eat...I love food too much. I sometimes even eat food that I know won't agree with me just cause I want it so bad...except then I regret it for the next 3 days!

You know whats weird is eggs bother me too, boiled, scrambled, whatever. As soon as I eat them they make me nauseated and queezy feeling, and then later I am usually in the bathroom. Everybody thinks I'm crazy cause they never bothered me until about a year ago. I'm glad someone else with IBS experiences the same thing. I thought maybe it was related to the "dairy" and being lactose intolerant. Who knows. These types of bowel issues are so confusing!

Well, good luck. I know what you are going through! IBS sucks!


Improve your nutrition one day at a time..... Everybody needs five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. They are low in calories, high in nutritional value and absolutely delicious.

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