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Hello everyone,

Can you tell me can vegans and vegetarians use Coconut oil diet? I don’t ask because I need to know, I am asking this because my niece is vegan (or vegetarian – I am not sure what is the main difference between them :)).

She wants to start to use Coconut oil in her diet, but she is one of them. I mean, can she use coconut oil while preparing some meals, maybe with some salad?

I believe that is OK, but I don’t know is that allowed?

Do you have any experience with it? What do you think?

Thank you very much! 



Well vegans and vegetarians can consume foods that contain hydrogenated and saturated fats, and coconut oil contains it as well, just like palm oil, margarines, butter, etc. So, yes, it doesn’t matter is your niece vegan or vegetarian, you can tell her that she can use coconut oil for her diet, but again, I would like to say that virgin coconut oil is the best.

But, I also would like to tell that she uses it occasional, not all the time, in the case she is frying some healthy pancakes or French toast, not all the time.

It is healthy, but it is OK if you use in some of your meals, not all of them :)

Good luck! 



Thank you very much, that was quick answer. Just like I was thinking, but I was not sure. She can use coconut oil but not that often, right?

OK, I will let her know this.

I personally do use virgin coconut oil is some occasions, when I prepare some meals, but I am not vegan or vegetarian, I just follow some diets :)  

I know about coconut oil healthy benefits, and I am really willing to recommend it to everyone.

It is healthy and amazing, I know.

Thank you for telling me about this thing.

Have a nice day!