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Hello there,

Yesterday, on the shelves in the super – market, I found coconut oil. I already know that coconut oil diet is one of the most effective diets at the world. Now, I know some of them, but what is the main benefit of coconut oil diet? The most important one?

I know a lot of them, as I told you before, but I don’t know which one I should consider as the most important one. Is it even possible to mark off one of them?

I hope that you can tell me?

I am willing to try this one.

Enjoy your day! 


Well, buy it! You won’t be sorry!

As you told, coconut oi l has a lot of good benefits, but one of the most important, for me, and I believe that you will agree with me.

The medium chain triglycerides that coconut oil has, can increase energy expenditure. It can increase your energy and it can help you burn your calories. And it is healthy. That is the main benefit for me, because it is healthy and it can help you lose your weight.

Don’t doubt more is it OK to have it in the kitchen or not.

You won’t be sorry :) 




Yes, I know. I know a lot about it, and I know how healthy can be. Maybe this is the first step to start cooking for me and my family. We are all a little bit overweight and I am the one to blame : /. I was buying unhealthy, fast food for them, and for me as well.

I believe that coconut oil really can help me start eating healthy, but somehow I don’t think that this will not be a good motivation for me. And I don’t know what to do.

I will buy this oil and I will see what is going to happen with this.

Thank you anyway!