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for nearly 2 years now, I have had symptoms consistent with those common to STDs. about a year ago, I was on antibiotics to treat these symptoms. The antibiotics worked for about a day or two, but the symptoms keep coming back. a couple of weeks ago, I was once again prescribed antibiotics, but they were once again innefective.

I am confused as to whether or not I have an STD, or if the problem is more complex. I have heard that if left untreated, STDs can get much worse, and can cause more problems; hence, making them harder to get rid of.

my most persistent symptoms have been: painful urination, pain in the testes, tender testes, swolen vas defrins, abdominal pain, itchy skin, yellowing/clumping semen, and discharge which only occurs about once a month. is it possible that I have an infection somewhere in my abdomen that can cause such symptoms? like an infection of the prostate or bladder?

or could this just be the spreading of a bacterial infection caused by an STD??


I have pretty much identicle symptoms as you
no one seems to help me and i have been tested lots and no answers
from std clinic urologist or doctors

did you ever get it figured out????