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I was tested negative for chlamydia twice but my partner was having symptoms indicative of chlamydia (discharge drips, itching at the head of the penis) and was tested. His results have not returned but he took the medication and his symptoms have subsided. I am still asymptomatic but am wondering if I should get tested again.

I'm also wondering if his symptoms were mistaken for another issue, especially since I have no symptoms and have tested negative. Also, if I did pass on chlamydia, is it possible that it lay dormant in me for some time and did not show up on both tests?


Did the Dr do a full std panel? Gonorrhea and chlamydia have the same symptoms in a male, the Antibiotics clear both bacterial infections. 

How long have you been together? When did he develop symptoms, as symptoms develop about 8-14 days after exposure.