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I'm 17 almost 18 and I've had trouble controlling my emotions my whole life I was mildly bullied at school because I'm petrified to talk to people. I feel alone because I never really had friends who understood I also get really angry.I cry non stop when critcitzed or yelled at.I can't take bad things that happen I can't funcition I dropped out of hs and nursing assisant school because I can't handle anything anymore.


Life can be hard, but maybe try joining a support group. My recent health issues led my doctors to misdiagnose me to have anxiety (I later learned that I have dysautonomia-dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system) but when they all thought I had anxiety, they sent me to teen group meetings, and I thought it would be lame, but they had an amazing sense of community, and about 90% of the people there would totally relate to you (and the other 10% would just listen and hang out and support you). Even though I personally didn't benefit from it, you might. I had fun going, and they were all really nice and accepting and all had their own issues, which in that sense I could relate to, as I was scared and hopeless at the time (i thought I was dying of some disease or disorder that the doctors weren't catching), and they helped me through stuff. Your hospital might have a psych department that hosts these meetings, and they might even have different groups depending on your situation (mine did), or maybe you have something similar in your community that isn't through the hospital. (or maybe, if this all seems like too much, you could join an online support group or something). I know it might sound lame, but don't knock it til you try it (: