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i'm 13 now, and just under 3 years ago, right before my high school interviews, my great uncle passed away, on his birthday,
i can remember the night before being excited to go and see him on his birthday. Then the next day, being asleep and getting woken up by my mum and brother on the landing, and i over heard my mum telling my brother he had died, i didnt really think much of it because i was so young i suppose, but i went back to sleep, later on i woke up went down stairs and i remember my mum telling me he had died and i obviously got upset and mum said to me "one of the last thing he said to me was to tell you, try hard in school, and no matter what he will always be watching me"
but being only 10 i didnt really understand what was going on, and i just remember looking forward to the day off school, but now i remeber his funeral like it was yesterday, my cousin read out a speach about when we used to take him to the black cat at the caravan and he would sit there for hours on end playing bingo, and taking him to the club to play more bingo, and pushing him over the sleeping police men (speed bumps) in his weelchair, and then i remember him being lowered into the ground with a rose and that was it i suppose, i just thought he would be there next time i went to visit.
It's nearly three years on now and i really really miss him! he was the most amazing uncle ever! I cant seem to understand that he isnt coming back :'(
When ever i go back to the caravan i go and sit in the room he used to sleep in, sit there and just cry!
whenever i think about him i just break down
i can't seem to stop myself :/ even when i think of the good times we had together i just wish, we could still have them!
has anyone got any ideas as to why i cry whenever i think of him and is there anyway to stop it? xx


This is totally normal..You cry because you love and miss him..I know how you feel..Here's my story..

On January 16th, 2009, my mom passed away..She was just laying in her apartment alone and no one found her until January 19th, 2009. The autopsy report said she died of natural causes because they weren't sure how she passed..It's sad because the day she passed she was at work. She had trouble breathing and she was passing out and no one there helped her..She worked at a hospital which was the saddest part..I felt soo bad when I found out because the last time I saw her was on her birthday November 27th, which was also Thanksgiving..She took us out and I did her hair and helped her get ready for a party her friends threw for her..Christmas came and she called us asking if me and my sister wanted to see her..It was cold and we didn't feel good soo we said noo maybe some other time...We didn't think we weren't gonna see her again...

We had her funeral, which was hard to deal with..A month later was my 18th birthday...I was sad she wasn't there...Months went by and I felt better...I would still cry and think about her and but not as much as before...Then in May I graduated high school and again I got sad cause she wasn't here...Mother's day I was sooo upset I did not come out of my room the whole day...I didn't know what to do..All I did was lay in bed and cry...Holidays were tough but I made it through...I had my dad, family, and friends for support and talking to them really helped...

Today, im 19 years old, im currently in college, and im 5 months pregnant...I still get upset from time to time because she always told me she wanted grandkids..

In my opinion though, it's ok to cry about it..Some people may never get over it but I think talking about it helps alot...I know I wasn't as young as you but I do know how you feel...And if you need someone to talk to you can message me anytime...