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hi im a 26 year old male and weigh about 9 stone . i have never put any weight on or lost any weight in 10 years. i have tryed weight gain drinks which didnt work also a steroid off my doctor which worked for a while then became illegal. i dont have a big appetite and find it hard to consume the amounts off food that my mates do.i am told that my body temp raises when im alseep i dont know if this has anything to do with it . ihave consulted my doc an he just said its hireditory as my father is of the same build . i would love to gain some weight but have given up on the idea for some time now. thanks john


My son is 32 years old, and stands 6 ft. tall. He weighed 130 pounds. He was very thin and was very uncomfortable with his physique.
He decided that he was going to gain weight. Well he did for sure. This is not the right way or the healthy way but he lived on McDonalds. Bad, bad stuff i know, but it worked for him.
Today, 1 year later, he weighs 200 pounds. It looks good on him because he is so tall. 70 pounds of McDonalds is no good at all, but he is happy with the way he looks now.
He also drank strawberry Ensure with all his meals. There is something like 320 calories in a 6 oz. can.
He is active, he goes to the gym and plays baseball with his work mates.

If you don't have much of an appetite, there is medication that your Doctor can give you that will increase it.