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Hey there I just turned 18 and cant pull back my foreskin anywhere near past the head, now I read simular posts but I my situation seems to be different. I can pull the foreskin enough to see the entire slit that you pee through and a little extra, I can also see a small piece of skin that seems to be fused with the foreskin and head which seems to be a lot. I've been masterbating for 6 years (and I do it a lot per day) and I did not have any issues with pain or anything, except maybe when I drink coke or something right before I masterbait and it stings when I pee. I've noticed some differences since when I was young though, I no longer have the little bubble when I pee and I stopped producing smegma recently (or I don't notice it anymore). When I try stretching the foreskin when I have an erection sometimes the head of my penis gets really dry and I can't stretch it back as well as usual.

I also would like someone to explain to me how would stretching it help? It looks to me even if it is stretched the head still does not look like it can just pop out unless you slide it back during an erection. I've looked at some photos and it seems like you can see the head without having to slide it back.

Thanks in advance.


The foreskin does not have to be retracted at all. As far as I can work out, this myth originated in the USA, which is one of the few countries of the world to have ever had a chronic fixation on circumcision. They promoted what came to be known as the "clipped" look and told the world that it looked good, was good for your health, was cleaner, etc. If you have studied even the most basic of medical science you will know that these claims are not worth the paper they are written on.

Retraction of the foreskin is something that occurs in most guys in their adult years, but it still leaves many millions of men, particularly in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia, who do not ever retract the foreskin. This number also includes men with what they think of as phimosis, whereas in most cases they simply have a foreskin that does not retract. Usually, in trying to pull it back so that they conform to the perceived notion that the foreskin should retract, they hurt themselves and, in some cases, rip the foreskin or the glans.

None of this is necessary. If your foreskin does not want to be retracted, leave it alone. It is quite simple to keep it clean and healthy without ever pulling the foreskin back. It is usually much easier to masturbate and to have sex without pulling the foreskin back than by forcefully doing so. You can pee quite comfortably with the foreskin retracted or not.

There actually are millions of men in the world at any one time, myself included, who do not retract their foreskin. I have a number of current patients in a similar condition and have, in the past, treated men in Asia and other countries with the condition of tight foreskin. Not one that I have personally met and not one that I have ever read about has a problem with cleaning. Nor do they have problems with masturbation or sex or peeing. And I have to join with them in saying that it is ridiculous to suggest that our penises, including yours, are not functioning properly.

You do need to understand that some people can retract their foreskin and some people can't. You are in the latter category, and that is not a problem. Just leave it alone. It will not cause you any disadvantage in masturbation or sexual activity.

I repeat - you do not have to open your foreskin just because other people do it. Millions of men are just like you and never open it all their lives. Their lives are not affected by it, so nor should yours be.